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VoiceArc - Opera & Music Theatre arose from a conversation Dr Nell Drew had with a group of professional singers who were jaded by the constant rehashing of classic operas set within outdated themes.


Increasingly the young professionals that she spoke to were turned away from opera  as an art form because it bore no resemblance to the popular media they chose to engage with in their everyday lives. 


The need for VoiceArc was clear and she began creating a new and exciting professional opera company to provide 

   contemporary, elegant, sophisticated 

& edgy opera for the modern world.

VoiceArc provides a safe space for the singers and creative team to explore new concepts and storyboards for well loved classics and new work while maintaining the musical and vocal integrity and musicality originally envisioned by the composer.


We don't seek to change the music we are about changing the delivery to provide opera for the modern world.

Dr Nell Drew 

Founder & Artistic Director of

VoiceArc - Opera & Music Theatre

Nell Drew has sung as a freelance soloist (dramatic soprano) specializing in the operatic roles of Richard Strauss, Wagner, and the dramatic operas of Verdi and Puccini with opera companies all over Europe and in the US, including Berlin, San Francisco, Venice, Palermo, New York and Boston.


Her performing career encompasses the genres of lieder, the symphonic song cycles of Mahler and art song singing with her most specialised interpretive work on this stage being the lieder of Richard Strauss and the art songs of the early to mid-20th century English composers (e.g. Vaughan Williams, Quilter, Finzi, Head, Warlock, Gurney etc.). Nell is involved in a long-term project to record all of  Strauss soprano songs and arias. 


“Oh, it’s THAT sort of production!”

We at VoiceArc are delighted to disagree.



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